Monday, 29 October 2012

Bond Skyfall - A Short Review with Spoilers

I thought it was really good.

Not very 'Bond' at times, but it sets the scene for decades of Bondy films to come.

Javier Bardem is excellent, extraordinarily camp, and terrifying at times.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Toward a better world

"To build a better world, we must have the courage to make a new start. We must clear away the obstacles with which human folly has recently encumbered our path and release the creative energy of individuals. We must create conditions favourable to progress rather than ‘planning progress’. It is not those who cry for more ‘planning’ who show the necessary courage, nor those who preach a ‘New Order’, which is no more than a continuation of the tendencies of the past 40 years, and who can think of nothing better than to imitate Hitler. It is, indeed, those who cry loudest for a planned economy who are most completely under the sway of the ideas which have created this war and most of the evils from which we suffer. The guiding principle in any attempt to create a world of free men must be this: a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy."

The Road to Serfdom

seriously, just read it - I can't believe it was written 64 years ago...
I'm basically just reproducing 'The Road to Serfdom' in a million different posts, but fook me, if it isn't spot on:

"The Rule of Law, the absence of legal privileges of particular people designated by authority, is what safeguards that equality before the law which is the opposite of arbitrary government. It is significant that socialists... ...have always protested against ‘merely’ formal justice, that they have objected to law which had no views on how well off particular people ought to be, that they have demanded a ‘socialization of the law’ and attacked the independence of judges."
Why ZaNuLabour have introduced 32,000 new laws:

"Nothing distinguishes more clearly a free country from a country under arbitrary government than the observance in the former of the great principles known as the Rule of Law. Stripped of technicalities this means that government in all its actions is bound by rules fixed and announced beforehand – rules that make it possible to foresee with fair certainty how the authority will use its coercive powers in given circumstances and to plan one’s individual affairs on the basis of this knowledge. Thus, within the known rules of the game, the individual is free to pursue his personal ends, certain that the powers of government will not be used deliberately to frustrate his efforts.

Socialist economic planning necessarily involves the very opposite of this. The planning authority cannot tie itself down in advance to general rules which prevent arbitrariness."
Quote of the day:

"There is one aspect of the change in moral values brought about by the advance of collectivism which provides special food for thought. It is that the virtues which are held less and less in
esteem in Britain and America are precisely those on which Anglo-Saxons justly prided themselves and in which they were generally recognized to excel. These virtues were independence and self-reliance, individual initiative and local responsibility, the successful reliance on voluntary activity, non-interference with one’s neighbour and tolerance of the different, and a healthy suspicion of power and authority.

Almost all the traditions and institutions which have moulded the national character and the whole moral climate of England and America are those which the progress of collectivism and its centralistic tendencies are progressively destroying."

Thursday, 21 May 2009

First Post

1) Global Warming my arse
2) Stop taxing me so much you f***kers
4) Regretting voting for the big "O" yet America?